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Mark S. McNulty, Ph.D.


Dr. McNulty joined Pacey Economics, Inc. as a Senior Analyst in 2008 and specializes in economic loss evaluations and in providing expert witness testimony in personal injury, wrongful death, and employment termination cases. Dr. McNulty's broad and diverse career has also made him skilled at clarifying and defining real-world decision problems and in developing innovative economic and statistical solutions to those problems. He has expertise in a wide range of economic and statistical methodologies and has experience applying those methodologies to the solution of decision problems in an equally wide range of application areas. Complementing these problem-solving skills is a superior ability to communicate concepts and results.


Dr. McNulty began his career at Kansas State University where he taught the Ph.D. core courses in microeconomics and econometrics and was recognized as an outstanding instructor, produced numerous refereed publications, and was Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Economics. After earning his tenure at Kansas State, Dr. McNulty joined CASA, a financial consulting company that perished in the dot-com crash. At CASA he performed financial analyses ranging from consumer scoring to macroeconomic forecasting for major corporations such as Citibank and Monsanto. Dr. McNulty then joined Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) where he worked in virtually every area of the laboratory. At LANL he performed analysis and research in support of core laboratory projects (e.g., nuclear weapons and homeland security) and laboratory operations (e.g., production, finance, organization, security, and safety) and was responsible for the management of projects and staff. Dr. McNulty's work at LANL emphasized the practical application of advanced economic and statistical tools to help senior management make informed decisions. He was frequently a technical team leader, directing required scientific work and interfacing with project sponsors. These sponsors were often the most senior management of the laboratory. Prior to joining Pacey Economics, Inc., Dr. McNulty was a senior Research Scientist at the University of Wyoming, where he performed policy analyses related to health, environment, education, and criminal justice; built and analyzed global energy models, and conducted survey methodology research.


Dr. McNulty holds a joint Ph.D. in economics and statistics from Iowa State University and a joint B.S. in economics and mathematics from the University of South Dakota. He has expertise in a wide range of economic methodologies including cost-benefit analysis, decision analysis, risk analysis, prioritization, and market analysis. He also has expertise in important statistical methodologies including econometrics, time-series analysis, reliability analysis, survey analysis, and information integration. He has applied these methodologies to the solution of decision problems in the areas of economic loss, program and policy evaluation, energy and the environment, financial and commodity markets, institutional operations and project management, national defense and homeland security, and conventional and nuclear weapons. Dr. McNulty is highly skilled at managing projects, interfacing with clients, and communicating results.

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