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Lukas Barkauskas B.A.


Mr. Barkauskas is also a new member of Pacey Economics, Inc., being a recent graduate in economics with a minor in history from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Lukas is a bilingual first-generation citizen and as the son of Lithuanian immigrants, he is the first to receive a college degree. He is keenly aware of and accustomed to the hard-work and diligence it takes to be successful and has acquired, through his academic coursework technical skills in R, Python, econometrics, auction design/theory, etc. Lukas is eager to showcase his training and skillsets, receptive to work requests and already demonstrating an understanding of the mission and expectations of our firm.

While putting himself through college, Lukas worked as an honor caddie, developing a solid understanding of the game, and fostering camaraderie among his workers and clients. During college, he also worked with a digital marketing company developing their website and related graphics.

In his off-work hours, Lukas likes to spend his time hiking, doing photography, and golfing. During the winter he likes to spend his time skiing at winter park and watching movies. 

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